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3.82 Star Rating
200 reviews
Current Resident1 week ago
"Staff is pleasant and communicative in a positive manner with residents on any item brought to their attention."
Jose R.1 month ago
"Weve been living here probably about ten years or so and really have enjoyed our time here. We appreciate everything our little community has done for us. Keep up the good work guys!!"
Current Resident1 month ago
"Good Ambience , Nice community, Like it !"
Current Resident2 months ago
"Excellent Service"
Current Resident2 months ago
"It is a good community covering all good schools and it is well maintained."
Paul D.3 months ago
"Ann-Marie, Shannon, Kimberly and all the staff are great. Please note, I only moved in a week ago."
Current Resident4 months ago
"Good place to raise family"
Current Resident4 months ago
"Kindly office manager"
Yamisleydi M.5 months ago
"Los apartamentos son amplios el paisaje es bello"
Current Resident5 months ago
Current Resident5 months ago
"I was really impressed with the way all issues have been addressed and in a quick time manner. Those small issues were there when we moved into apartment and team was very helpful and courteous to address all issues. Thanks team for your help.."
Current Resident5 months ago
"I am happy at Hudson High House. Very friendly staff and responds to maintenance requests in a timely manner."
Current Resident7 months ago
"Excellent Community to reside in - safe - well maintained- excellent school district- close to stores- parks - walking paths - in general a great place."
Current Resident8 months ago
"It is a good community. People are very friendly. Management and staff are very helpful in solving issues. It is near to bank, shopping centres."
JASON M.8 months ago
"Great place to live! Convenient access to shopping and RTP!"
Current Resident9 months ago
"Great Family Community to reside in."
Yamisleydi M.9 months ago
"Es muy agradable el lugar con muchos árboles"
Current Resident9 months ago
"This community is very friendly and co-operative."
Current Resident10 months ago
"Staff was extremely helpful, professional, informative, and honest"
Current Resident11 months ago
"It is a very good community. I have been in this community for more than 7 years. It is peaceful . It has access to various grocery stores and very good schools. I just moved to this community as one of my friend who happened to be in this community for 8 to 10 years gave good feedback about all the facilities and response by the management . It is a good place to live."
Current Resident11 months ago
"We have been enjoying and very happy staying here and we love to continue staying here until we have our own house."
Current Resident11 months ago
"Hudson High House is a wonderful Community to live it."
Current Resident11 months ago
"I was really unhappy with the service when I first moved in. Since new management took over, I'm satisfied with the look & feel of the property & the timeliness & work done on maintenance work orders. The parcel service is a nice plus, too. Thank you."